Fineshut KIWAMI

反射防止 ファインシャット極

Reflectance of 1% or less in the visible to near-infrared region (250 to 2000 nm)

ファインシャット極 反射防止の溝

The Fineshut KIWAMI is an upgraded version of the fineshut SP. It improves the surface shape and the anti-reflective performance. It is formed by creating asperities like light shielding grooves. These grooves absorb light emitted from the direction perpendicular to it.

It has the highest anti-reflection performance for handling close-range infrared, and achieves a total hemispherical reflectance of 1% or less in a wide wavelength range of 250 to 2000 nm.

This amazing performance is achieved with a thinness of only 0.37 mm.

The base material is fine urethane foam similar to Fineshut SP. It retains its features such as durability and ease of handling. There is no fiber loss specific to flocking and large reflections in the close-range infrared. The glossiness and product performance do not deteriorate significantly even after plating and deposition.

It is manufactured in compliance with RoHS 2.0 regulations.


Live shot comparison with anti-reflective material

(From the top left) Fineshut SP, Fineshut KIWAMI. (Lower left) PET film with anti-reflection coating, Black PET film with matte processing by sand-blasting. The shutter speed of the camera and exposure setting are changed before shooting.

Cautions for use

  • In order to maximize the light absorption effect, use it in wherein the light source is set perpendicular to the groove of the product.
  • It cannot be used for shading applications. This is because there is light transmission (as an effect of micro-foaming and grooves).

Customized Orders for parts and components

ファインシャット カット部品見本

Orders of Fineshut KIWAMI as customized cut parts/components for assembly, we can propose a quotation that minimizes material cost by selecting the size with the highest material yield. Kindly feel free to contact us via email or contact form.


In addition, the double-sided tape made of PET substrate is laminated as a standard specification, but a different adhesive can be used according to your request.

Product Specifications

Thickness 0.37mm ± 0.05mm


We offer two types of double-sided tape;

  • Toyo Chem DF 8370 B black (thickness 0.12 mm)
  • DIC# 8616 Black-50 N (thickness 0.05 mm)

 Standard size

 53mm x 190mm

 280mm x 480mm

Download Catalog

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This product is available for every optical design company who is troubled with stray light removal and anti-reflection measures, and every general user who work on DIY light.  In just one click from Amazon, kindly go to Amazon sales page from the link below.

If you can consider purchasing multiple sheets for company use, we may be able to offer cheaper proposals through direct sales, so please kindly contact us.